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Genesis: Light Generator for Blender

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Infinite lighting setups with ultimate artistic control

Genesis is a Blender add-on that helps you make lights in your 3D scene.

Genesis uses artistic color controls to help you make pleasing and unlimited combinations of lighting setups.

6 Color modes, 3 Layout modes, and 5 Light types combined with 8+ customizable settings give you complete control, or the power of stylized chaos with just a click of a button.

Color Modes

  • Range - Hue value between Min Hue and Max Hue
  • Complementary - 2 Hues from opposite ends of the color wheel - 180 degrees apart
  • Triad - 3 Hues on opposite sides of color wheel - 120 degrees apart
  • Monochromatic - 1 Color, all the same hue
  • Split Complementary - 3 Colors on opposite sides of color wheel - secondary and tertiary colors are +/- 160 degrees apart from the primary color
  • Analogous - 5 Colors on same side of color wheel

Layout Modes

  • Sphere (Creates lights equidistant from the selected object)
  • Top Sphere (Same as Sphere, but creates lights above horizon (+Z))
  • Grid (Creates lights above the selected object in a grid spiraling outward)

Light Types

  • Point - Emit light in every direction
  • Sun - Emit light from an infinite distance
  • Spot - Emit light in a cone shape
  • Area - Emit light from a plane
  • Plane - Emission shader from a mesh plane


1.0 - Initial Launch

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Genesis: Light Generator for Blender

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